The Wonders of Ancient Sicily

Sicily small group tours:Our Sicily small group tours always have our guests coming back for more. Sicily is a melting pot of civilizations. Over three or four millennia, Sicily has been at the heart of the known world. Experience the Sicilian lifestyle with a small group tour of 12/14 travelers only! Stare face to face with some of the world’s best Byzantine mosaics in the cathedral of Monreale-a Bible in gold. In addition to this, sit in Taormina’s Greek theater looking out at Mt Etna. As a result, you can’t help but feel goosebumps.Marvel at the rich archaeological ruins of Siracusa dating to the 5th century BC.

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On this small group tour of Sicily, you will have the opportunity to explore the brilliant Roman floor mosaics in the Villa del Casale, experiencing an Italian evening opera in Taormina or being welcomed by a Sicilian family in their house. Thanks to thousands of years as a stepping stone for empires and conquests,Sicily has much Greeks, Arab and Northern European flavor as it does Italian.

Though,it is only separated from the mainland of Italy by the 4 km wide Strait of Messina.

True to the international stereotypes, Sicilians are a passionate people. Their warmth and hospitality make even everyday transactions memorable.Food lovers have an entirely new culinary world to explore in Sicily.

Exotic, sunbaked Sicily is the biggest Island in the Mediterranean Sea and Italy’s largest region by area. You will also experience Sicily‘s startlingly diverse landscape,including bucolic farmland,smouldering volcanoes and long stretches of aquamarine coastline.

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If you’d prefer to have someone else helping you to discover the diversity of Sicily,then sit back,relax and enjoy the scenery in the comfort of a chauffeur driven car with. We can arrange this service for you at selected hotels for all or part of your stay.

“Having visited Italy without seeing Sicily is like not having seen Italy at all,for Sicily is the key of everything”-Goethe

The island of Sicily is a museum and a nature habitat unto itself. Art and culture engulf this area from one bay to the next, from the bright sun to the lush landscape. The many medieval castles, palaces, churches and cloisters combine with Roman architecture settlements, palaces, villas and stately homes to create an air of wonder for the modern tourist. These fascinations are intermingled with everything from classic clothing to timeless jewelry, a tradition in ceramic arts that is as old as time itself, a true culinary expression of food and wine, and the spirits of past Sicilians told through folk art. With such an eclectic mix of the past, present and perhaps future, it’s no wonder that so many tourists delight in this small island.

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Sicily has been a Greek colony, a Roman province, an Arab emirate and a Norman kingdom. The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Swabians, Angevins and the Aragonese each left an impression on the island that lasts to this day. Sicily presents thirty centuries of history in the Classical, Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque styles, among others. Various conquerors brought almost all of the plant life. Greeks and Phoenicians brought vines, olives, figs and pomegranate; Arabs planted lemons and almonds; oranges, tomatoes and prickly pears all arrived after the discovery of America and the mandarin was imported at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

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Other parts of the landscape are typically Mediterranean: lavender, rosemary, wild olive and dwarf palm dot the mountain slopes alongside cork oaks, oleanders and carob trees. Great forests once covered the whole island, but now only a few remain, mostly on the high mountain slopes. Sicily’s landscape changes along with its geography. The coast has beaches and orange and lemon orchards. The northern part of the island offers lush forests. Rugged land and rolling hills decorate the central regions. Vineyards, olive groves, almond orchards and wheat fields provide a feast for the eyes.

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Palermo’s Norman palaces hold the testimony of the Arabic culture in Sicily. The Palazzo dei Normanni, the palace of Roger II, houses the Palatine Chapel, which combines the cultures of Byzantine, Norman, Arabic and Sicilian. Beautiful mosaics depicting famous Biblical scenes decorate this ancient chapel, dating back at least to 1143. Another Norman castle, the Castello della Zisa features a simple high-walled rectangular exterior and lushly decorated interior, covered in marble and mosaics and houses The Museum of Islam.

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Taormina overlooks the Ionian Sea like a beautiful terrace. The Greek-Roman Theater stands on the mountain and offers a breathtaking view of the deep blue sea and Mount Etna, the largest (10,705 feet) active volcano in Europe. The Duomo-Cathedral (Church of San Nicola) was built around 1400, on the ruins of an ancient church. Gothic in style, the Cathedral looks like a fortress. Designed to resemble a Latin cross with a nave and two aisles, it also features wooden beams carved in Arabic style.

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