Since 2008 Secret Tours have been running unique small group tours adventures which take you off-the-beaten-path. We have the same travel philosophy as we did back then but now include even more memorable experiences and exciting destinations as well as a higher quality accommodation. We all wish to offer you a full immersion into the local life….Trust the Locals!!! 


Aldo Valerio,Director at Secret Italia Tours

Ciao, I am Aldo…Il Capo Dei Capi

ALDO: Nearly fifteen years ago Aldo decided to embark himself in the overseas job adventure and after over 20 years he does not regret it at all. He says: “I know that we have the best tour itineraries because we’ve visited every country possible. I think our clients are very special too – because they seem to share our appreciation of all that’s best about the countries we feature.” Aldo devotes his considerable organizational and managerial skills to ensuring that Secret Italia Tours always provides the level of service that clients deserve. After so many years working overseas Aldo felt it was time to make all happening and Secret Italia Tours represents a dream which finally came true!! Best part of the job – “Getting to know in person our guests when possible and the satisfaction of knowing that we can help people make the most of their precious holiday time.” 


Katrin Rothe,Office manager at Secret Italia Tours

Ciao, I am Katrin,Office manager at Secret Italia Tours

KATRIN: A real gem for Secret Tours with an enviable task of taking care of everything for us. Her experience in the tourist industry has given Katrin the knowledge and know-how to confidently handle everything we pass her way – she has a great sense of humor and is very passionate about Secret. Katrin has a degree in languages and has enjoyed travelling throughout Europe. She loves swimming in the sea, listening to music and reading when she has the time. She’s very sociable – making her delightful company – and has a huge amount of local information, tips and advice, that you could only get from a local! She really has a strong character which proves to be successful in managing Aldo’s madness… 


Manuela Allegretti, Travel Concierge at Secret italia tours

Ciao, I am Manuela, Your Travel Concierge

The charming Manuela is a new addition to our office staff, a travel enthusiast from Milan, Italy. Throughout her six years working as a travel agent, she had the memorable opportunity to travel around the world, visiting and learning new and different cultures. In 2013, ready for a big life change, Manuela moved to Australia, where she lived for nearly 10 years. It was a great base to explore “the opposite side of the world”. Besides travel, her passions are music, theater, and hiking. On another note, she is also a foodie, despite not being the best cook, but always open to trying something new everywhere she goes. Now, she is back to Europe to start a new chapter of her life with Secret Italia Tours as travel consultant. The goal of her career is to make customers happy, ensuring that they are satisfied, and give them all the support they deserve.”



Giusi Mandreucci, Sicily Tour Guide

Ciao, I am Giusi. I will be your guide in Sicily

GIUSI: If you have the pleasure of meeting Giusi, you will immediately realize that she is “an old soul” with her soft-spoken ways, calm, protective, cheerful, and serene attitude. Giusi was born and raised in Palermo where she lives. She has been working in the travel industry for many years and has been a certified tour guide since 1998. When traveling with Giusi, you will always feel pampered and taken care of, as she has a “motherly” approach with all her groups. In her own words: “I love everything about my job: culture, art, history, and of course, food! Sicily is a beautiful Island and I love being able to help people enjoy it as much as I do!”Giusi will be leading the amazing 12 days Sicily small group tour. Join this amazing guide for a great adventure in Sicily on September 4 & September 24!!!


Pamela Zinno, Portugal Tour Guide

Bom Dia, I am Pamela. I will be leading tours in Portugal

PAMELA: Pamela will show you the magic of Portugal through the passion, enthusiasm and love for her country. Since early ages she showed interest for travelling throughout Europe. Once out of the Tourism University and many years of studies, Pamela started working as a Local Guide and Tour Director through Portugal and Spain sharing her knowledge and passion for history, art, gastronomy and wine. Pamela’s primary concern is to make sure everything goes smoothly so your vacation can be enjoyed to the fullest and create memories that will be cherished forever. Pamela will be leading the amazing 11 Days Portugal small group tour. Join this amazing guide for a great adventure in Portugal!!!


Paola Palumbo, Puglia Tour Manager

Ciao! I am Paola. I will be your tour director in Puglia and Sardinia

PAOLA: Paola has been working as a tour guide for our Puglia & Basilicata small group tour portfolio for the last 10 years making thousand of guests keep travelling with us. Becoming a professional licensed guide has always been Paola’s childhood ambition which became a reality once she obtained her license. Recently she further enhanced her studies by successfully gaining a Diploma in Languages and Literature awarded by the University of Bari and a Master in Tourism Management in Trento. Our guests deeply love Paola who would be delighted to show you the enchanting land of Puglia, through her passion, knowledge and enthusiasm, bringing to life years of history. Paola has traveled extensively throughout the world in order to learn from other countries and culture while keeping Puglia in her heart. You will fall in love with this funny and heartbreak girl!!Paola will be leading the amazing 10 days Puglia small group tour. Join this amazing for a great adventure in Puglia!!!


Olivera Petrovic, tour guide CroatiaOLIVERA: Olivera is our proud and passionate Croatia guide coming from the Zagreb area, pleased to be part of the Secret Travels team in her beautiful country and rearing to give the visitor every possible Croatian experience!


Antonia Scetta, Northern Italy Tour Director

Buongiorno, I am Antonia. I will be your guide in the Northern Italian Lakes District

ANTONIA: Antonia lives near the wonderful Lake Garda, the biggest lake of Italy and has been working as a tour guide for over 20 years. She loves her job and showing the attractions of this incredibly beautiful country. Her greatest passion is travelling and in her free time she loves cycling and hiking. She looks forward meeting you all in the North of Italy to tour together the fantastic scenery of the lakes! Antonia will be leading the amazing 12 days Northern Italian Lakes District. Join her for a great adventure in Northern Italy!!!


Rosaria Licandro, Sicily Tour Manager

Ciao, I am Rosie, your tour director in Sicily

ROSARIA: The lovely and charming Rosaria is a native of Catania and has worked in tourism as tour director for the last 13 years for major UK and USA tour operators. Her bright personality brought her to live in London for several years where she attended travel and tourism courses and achieved important qualifications in teaching English as a foreign language to Italian students. Rosaria loves meeting Secret Italia guests, showing them the beauty of her beloved Sicily or “Sicilia” as she keeps saying. Her humor and bubbly personality is infectious, and this is testified by long records of excellent reviews from our repeat guests. Rosaria will be leading the amazing 12 days Sicily small group tour. Join her for a great adventure in Sicily!!!


Pietro Paviglianiti, Tour guide in Calabria

Buongiorno, I am Pietro. I will be your guide in Calabria and the Amalfi coast

PIETRO: Pietro is a wonderful tour director who will bring you to discover Southern Italy through the eyes of the locals. A language enthusiast with a passion for tourism, Pietro graduated in foreign languages and became passionate about food and wine tourism, while working in a wine cellar. After all of this he took the license in order to work as tour director. As a local from Calabria, Pietro will let you discover this enchanting region in a very authentic way, visiting ancient archaeological sites, enjoying crystal clear water, and tasting delicious local food during cooking classes sessions.  Let Pietro lead you to fall in love with the amazing 8 Days Calabria small group tour. Join him for a great adventure in Calabria!!!


Carol Bassani, Tour guide in Piedmont

Buongiorno, I am Carol. I will be your guide in the Piedmont region

CAROL: The lovely and charming Carol was born in Toronto, Canada, where she spent her first childhood years. Still a young child, her family decided to return to Turin on a back to the roots spur. After the transoceanic move and a few years,she graduated in languages and attained a postgraduate degree as an interpreter and translator. Carol is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guide who will for sure bring to life the magic of Piedmont and Aosta. Let Carol taking you on a journey of a lifetime. She will be leading the amazing 8 days Piedmont small group tour. Join her for a great adventure in Piedmont !!!