Since 2008 Secret Italia Tours have been running unique small group tours adventures which take you off-the-beaten-path. We have the same travel philosophy as we did back then but now include even more memorable experiences and exciting destinations as well as a higher quality accommodation. We all wish to offer you a full immersion into the local life….Trust the Locals!!! 

ALDO: Nearly fifteen years ago Aldo decided to embark himself in the overseas job adventure and after 15 years he does not regret it at all. He says: “I know that we have the pick of the best tour itineraries because we’ve visited every country possible. I think our clients are very special too – because they seem to share our appreciation of all that’s best about Sicily and Malta.” Aldo devotes his considerable organizational and managerial skills to ensuring that Secret Italia Tours always provides the level of service that clients deserve. After so many years working overseas Aldo felt it was time to make all happening and Secret Italia Tours represents a dream which finally came true!! Best part of the job – “Getting to know in person our guests when possible and the satisfaction of knowing that we can help people make the most of their precious holiday time.”

Katrin Rothe

KATRIN: A real gem for Secret Tours with an enviable task of taking care of everything for us. Her experience in the tourist industry has given Katrin the knowledge and know-how to confidently handle everything we pass her way – she has a great sense of humor and is very passionate about Secret. Katrin has a degree in languages and has enjoyed travelling throughout Europe. She loves swimming in the sea, listening to music and reading when she has the time. She’s very sociable – making her delightful company – and has a huge amount of local information, tips and advice, that you could only get from a local! She really has a strong character which proves to be successful in managing Aldo’s madness… Katrin is our GROUP CONTROLLER & QUALITY MANAGER 



Bom Dia, I am Diana. I will be leading tours in Portugal

DIANA: Diana will show you the magic of Portugal through the passion, enthusiasm and love for her country. Since early ages she showed interest for travelling throughout Europe. Once out of the Tourism University and many years of studies, Diana started working as a Local Guide and Tour Director through Portugal and Spain sharing her knowledge and passion for history, art, gastronomy and wine. Diana’s primarly concearn is to make sure everything goes smoothly so your vacation can be enjoyed to the fullest and create memories that will be cherished forever.

Vittoria Tour Guide in Sicily with Secret Italia Tours

Ciao, I am Vittoria. I will be leading tours in Sicily,Amalfi coast, Calabria & Basilicata

VITTORIA: Victoria is a new addition to our Sicilian team of tour guides.She feels blessed to be Sicilian and wishes to share the beauty of her country in all aspects. Born in Palermo of Arbereshe heritage and raised by her parents’ in a pastry shop. She says”I have a cake for each step of my life“. She lived in Naples for 5 years for learning Japanese and Chinese at University and spent five months in Japan studying, working and travelling. Joy, sense of humor and empathy are the keys of her stupendous personality.Food, wine and culture are her passion.Enjoy the Dolce vita….with Victoria.


Ciao, I am Luca. I will be leading tours in Sicily, Calabria & Basilicata

LUCA: The lovely and charming Luca is a native of Palermo and a new addition to our group of Sicilian tour guides. He has worked in tourism as tour director for major USA tour operators for the last 3 years. His bright personality brought him to live in the UK for several years for improving his English as a foreign language but Sicily was always in his heart. Luca loves meeting Secret Italia guests, showing them the beauty of his beloved Sicily or “Sicilia” as he keeps saying. His humor and bubbly personality is infectious. You will fall in love with Luca. Come to discover his Sicily..You won’t regret!!!


Ciao! I am Paola. I will be leading tours in beautiful Puglia

PAOLA P: Paola is a new addition to our exclusive Puglia & Basilicata small group tours portfolio and we are very excited to have her on board. Becoming a professional licensed guide has always been Paola’s childhood ambition which became a reality once she obtained her license. Recently she further enhanced her studies by successfully gaining a Diploma in Languages and Literature awarded by the University of Bari and a Master in Tourism Management in Trento. Our guests deeply love Paola who would be delighted to show you the enchanting land of Puglia, through her passion, knowledge and enthusiasm, bringing to life years of history. Paola has traveled extensively throughout the world in order to learn from other countries and culture while keeping Puglia in her heart. You will fall in love with this funny and heartbreak girl!!


Hola, I am Laura. I will be leading tours in Spain

LAURA: Laura is a real find for Secret Tours and has an enviable task of taking care of everything Spanish and Portuguese for us, she is a true native, born in Toledo.With a huge wealth of experience in the travel industry, Laura’s knowledge of Spain is more than impressive, and she will happily make suggestions and recommendations to ensure you make the most of your time in this beautiful country. Her experience in the tourist industry has given Laura the knowledge and know-how to confidently handle everything we pass her way – she has a deep sense of humor and is very passionate about her homeland. Laura’s experience and professionalism shines through, ensuring you get great care and excellent service whilst touring in this gorgeous country.

Sahha, I am Cynthia. I will be leading tours in Malta & Gozo

CYNTHIA: Cynthia is our Maltese guide from the beautiful Archipelago with its hidden treasures, charm and spectacle of colors, no matter what time of the year you visit Malta. She is proud and passionate about her home Island, and rearing to go to give the visitor every possible Maltese experience!From their stone wood baking ovens, creating their crusty Maltese bread, to the spectacle of color in fireworks landing on a dry terrain in summer, to experiencing their freshly caught Mediterranean fish, with a cuisine that is a fusion, reflecting their 7000 year history, is only the start of flavoring Malta in every possible way.She is definitely in love with their sister Island Gozo, where overnight one gets a better understanding, why the saying the Island where time stood still in the year 2018, still applies. Come to the discover the tiny and picturesque islands of Malta and Gozo with our perfect guide Cynthia.


Ciao, I am Paola. I will be leading tours in Sardinia & Corsica

PAOLA D: Paola started to work as a tour guide 9 years ago in her beautiful Sardinia, where she lives and works.She loves her job and is thrilled to meet our lovely guests. Her goal is to help everybody discovering the beauty, culture, traditions and peculiarities of Sardinia and Corsica. She loves travelling, meeting people from other countries. Sardinia is unique, a little continent in the Mediterranean Sea.Come to discover its hidden treasures in the good hands of Paola.


Ciao, I am Tiziana. I will be leading tours in the beautiful Northern Italian Lakes region

TIZIANA: Tiziana currently lives in the beautiful shores of Lake Como and has been  working as a tour guide for more than a decade. She loves showing people from all around the world her beautiful country. In her free time she loves cooking (and eating!) and travelling. She looks forward meeting you all in the North of Italy to tour together through the fantastic scenery of the lakes! Northern Italy is still an undiscovered gem where the Alps and the water of the lakes create a unique landscape. Despite the short distance each lake is so different form each other! Lake Orta is wild and mystical. Lake Maggiore is elegant and sophisticated. Lake Como is stunning and impressive. Lake Garda is breathtaking.