Street Food in Palermo, Sicily

Renowned for its tasty street food, no trip to Palermo would be complete without sampling the best of what its bustling markets provide. Taking a street food tour with a local guide allows you to both explore the cultural heart of Palermo and discover its history through the vibrant sights, sounds, smells and tastes on […]


Puglia,the Heel of Italy-A paradise not to be missed

Discover the magic of Alberobello

Bathed in an ivory light,Puglia radiates warmth all year round.Phoenicians,Greeks and Romans, medieval Crusades and pilgrims have all been drawn here by its easy access to the East.The rest of the world is now also catching on to the lure of Puglia’s mild climate,sandy beaches,clean water and superb full-bodied redi wines.This drive enables visitors to […]


Discover the hidden gems of Sulmona in the Abruzzo Region

Puglia and the Gargano

SULMONA AND ITS CONFETTI Flanked by bleak mountains and bristling with legends about its famous son, Ovid, SULMONA is a comfortably affluent provincial settlement that owes its wealth to gold jewellery and sugared almonds. Although it sustained some damage during the 2009 earthquake, most of it was internal, and it remains an atmospheric little place, […]