Experience Europe & the Mediterranean with our unique small group tours and take a journey of discovery! Our carefully crafted itineraries are expertly guided, providing an intimate and unforgettable local travel experience with no more than 12/14 passengers.

Dive into beautiful landscapes and relish in the cultural and historical gems of the countries where we were born, and raised. We currently live and work in Europe where we can monitor the quality of our tours, inspect new venues, and update our itineraries.

That’s why we pride ourselves on a detailed knowledge of the European territory developed in over 20 years operating in this industry. As a result, our small group tours provide an in-depth focus on specific countries combining less touristy areas with some popular spots.

When travelling with Secret Italia Tours, you will realize that you will not feel like you are on a tour, but a member of the community, a member of our family and friends.Soak up the local life, the traditions, the amazing regional food and wine, enchanted villages and unique historical sites with the help of our local experts.

Our small group tours are packed with unforgettable activities and top notch services, perfect for those who want to be part of the culture as an insider and still have plenty of free time to get to know Europe in a more authentic and relaxed way.

Come to discover the road less traveled with Secret Italia Tours…We do not want to make you feel like a tourist – you will be part of the community for us and a member of our family.